Teddy Bears Forever

Bear hugs are always genuine. Human hugs are not.



Hello and welcome to this new site about teddy bears and anything related to them. This site is just a fun thing I am going to start as a way of sharing my teddy bears and other teddy stuff with anyone who is interested. I hope you will enjoy it and visit us from time to time.

When I was just a little one I had a great many teddy bears and soft toys. Some of them were presents from family members and I remember naming one pink bear after my Aunty Bertha. I had a lot of lovely soft toys including a black poodle, panda, felt penguin and a beautiful mohair bear named Rupert which I brought with me to Australia when I was just six years old. Since we came by ship it was possible for us to bring a great many things from England to Australia. We had several big trunks and lots of suitcases to bring all our worldly possessions in. Rupert was of course named after the storybook Rupert. He was made of golden mohair and had amber eyes and a growler. Once while I was very sick in England I threw up all over him and he had to be cleaned. Unfortunately he was never the same again as he became mute.

Vanda had a lovely mohair teddy bear too. He was bigger than Rupert and she named him James. She also brought him to Australia with her and I think he might have sat on her bed or a chair in her room. Mum was always finding poor James on the laundry floor near the back door. At first she thought we had been leaving him there but the culprit was soon unmasked as our dog Felix.Felix was a small terrier mix and he had taken a liking to taking our things outside as his treasure. James was too big for him to get through the back door so he ended up lying on the laundry floor until Mum found him. That was lucky for James because I think Felix might have chewed him up. Mum’s full length coat ended up as a jacket.

Well the saddest story of all is the story of Big Teddy. Now Big Teddy was a huge old mohair teddy and was probably English. I expect he was second hand and passed down to us by relatives. I loved that old teddy so much. I used to love playing with him and pushing him around in an old pram we had. He would just about fit inside. I was very upset about him having to be left behind but Mum consoled me by telling me he would be sailing on another ship to Australia and he would arrive soon. Well I did not forget about this and constantly asked her when he would arrive. Soon she would say soon but I still did not forget and continued to ask her about him. I wanted him back so badly. Many months later I was told the truth about Big Teddy.He had been thrown out! Mum told me he was losing too much stuffing and could not be mended so he had been thrown away. Mum told me she thought I would forget about him. Well this was heartbreaking and I don’t think I ever really forgave Mum for that. I still haven’t forgotten him and keep looking in the vain hope I might one day find another one just like him.

Well as you can probably tell I still love teddy bears and I now have quite a big collection of them. Like my sister Vanda I too worried about starting to collect them as an adult. I worried about what others would think. I had already been collecting other vintage items for a while when I bought my first vintage teddy bear. I decided that toys and teddies fitted in with them and it didn’t really matter. Those who know me know very well that I am going through my tenth or eleventh childhood with my second one over with years ago now but that is me. Today I am very proud of all my teddy bears and other soft toys. I love them to pieces. I also have dolls, vintage toys and other 20th century vintage household items.

Here are a few photographs to kick this blog off with. I hope to add more as I go along but for now thanks for visiting and your interest in this blog.

This is one of my oldest bears.
Lovely old teddy I recently bought
Me with Bertha Bear.
My much loved and missed Big Teddy


  1. Hi! Congratulations on the new site! I do still have Edward, my childhood bear. He’s threadbare with patches all over, darned areas and wearing a knitted tank top my Nanna made. He’s in the loft but at least I still have him. I hope this site is as popular as the dolls. Good luck to you both (and all your Teddies)

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    • Thank you Angie. I wish I still had my childhood teddy bears but I do love all the teddy bears in my collection. I can’t wait to show them on the site. I hope this will be a popular site like the dolls one too. I will try to make it as interesting as the dolls one is.


      • I bet it will be, who doesn’t love cuddly teddies? It’s good that you have a nice picture of your old teddy bear, he looks like your trusted best friend. You’re never too old for soft toys.

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  2. What a good thing that is because my house is full of them.I will be writing a post all about Teddy James that I hope everyone will enjoy. He went to the doll show with me and had day surgery at the mobile doll and teddy hospital. I am thankful we have some old photos of us with Big Teddy as he was very special to me.


  3. As long as your collection makes you happy, that’s the important thing. People collect different things for different reasons. I used to collect badges and key rings and I still have my childhood coin collection. My dolls bring back all the enjoyment of childhood as they are what I always wanted and played with the most and it’s a bit of girly escapism (I’m the only female in my house with a husband and two sons)


  4. I think the loved toys we miss help us appreciate the ones we have and want to “seek out” the other ones to be loved as well. What terrific little friend/companions our bears are/have been, they are who we can find comfort and confide in.Can’t wait to see your delightful family of friends!

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