Gotta Getta Gund


Barlow is not a vintage teddy bear. I bought him some time after I moved to Tasmania in the early 2000s. Barlow came from a very nice shop that used to be in Launceston. Sadly is it no longer there and probably closed down due to everything being online. I know this has happened to many businesses. Teddy bears was one of the things they used to stock a lot of and when I saw Barlow sitting with all the other bears I went and picked him up. This is always my downfall with bears. They are a bit like puppies. Once you hold them you end up buying them and taking them home. Barlow was rather expensive however so I put him on lay by. I didn’t damage my fortnightly budget as much that way.

Well as you can tell from the title Barlow is a Gund bear. He is very well made and still has all his tags. I did not want to take them off. He has his red Gund badge in his left ear and a tag on his back above his cute little tail. He is stuffed with polyester fibers and he has plastic beads in his feet. His pads are either soft leather or a very good vinyl. I think he is a very nice looking bear.

For those who are interested Adolph Gund founded the Gund Manufacturing Company in Norwalk Connecticut. They also produced other toys and novelties in New York. The Gund Manufacturing Company opened in 1898. There is a history page on the official Gund website if anyone wishes to read more. For now here are some photos of Barlow taken this afternoon.

Barlow is a very well made bear from Gund
Barlow still has his tags
Barlow’s Gund ear tag
Back view of Barlow.
Gund tag and cute little tail
Barlow’s close up shot.



  1. Beyond adorable! I LOVE his nose! I know I should be terribly silly and dress up all bears, bunnies etc..If they are not yet dressed. They are even better than a pillow while reading scary stories. I seriously down sized (miniature) my collection to save space and put a few in storage for Easter and X-mas. Like unwrapping presents early to open up!

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    • I can’t wait until I can unpack all my packed away teddies. It has been so long and I do miss them. They are like old friends. I only kept out the very oldest bears and a few bought after I started to pack them away.


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