Drumming Teddy

Mechanical Drum Playing Teddy Bear

This cute teddy bear plays the drums when he is wound up. I have had him for many years now. I can’t remember where I bought him from but I think he might have been one of my market day finds. When I originally got him he didn’t work. I gently moved the key ever so slightly in a back and forth motion. It didn’t feel completely stuck and I eventually freed it up and Teddy took off on a drumming marathon. He went at rather an alarming fast pace. I think he must have been quite exhausted when he finally came to a halt. He has worked very well ever since that day. Sadly the graphics on his drum have faded away but Teddy is still in wonderful condition. His fur coat is intact and he still has his ribbon and drum sticks. He is operated by a large orange key located under his drum. I think he has a lovely face. He is quite possibly made by ALPS of Japan. I can’t say for sure of course as Teddy is unmarked. I confess that I am simply guessing here. I say this because he has that look to him. His head and body under his fur coat are plastic and he has a wire frame to form his little arms and legs. The drum is metal while the drum sticks and key are made of plastic. His eyes and nose are also made of plastic. I think he is a delightful little fellow. I hope to be able to post some video of him playing his drum in the near future so do some back and visit us again one day.


  1. Isn’t he cute. I remember seeing a teddy playing the drums when waiting in one of those long queues in a department store waiting to meet Father Christmas (Many years ago!)

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