Chad Valley Hugmee Teddy Bear.

I recently treated myself to a new bear. This bear I am told is English and made by Chad Valley. He is a Hugmee bear and stands about eighteen inches tall going from the tip of his ears down to his feet. He was quite dirty when I got him this afternoon from the post office so I decided to give him a light clean with some Vanish. I just sprayed a little over him and used a soft cloth to lift the dirt out of his fur. I did a small section at a time and used my hair dryer to get him dry quickly. Although he is still a little dirty I think he does look much better. He would have had lovely golden fur when he was new. The Vanish was also good for deodorizing him. He had a slight smell but nothing really bad. he smells quite fresh now. I also gave him a very gentle brushing with a very soft hair brush. 

Here are some photos I took of Harvey this afternoon. I’m not sure if the photos really show the difference or not. 

Chad Valley Ted 1
Harvey was quite dirty when I got him
Chad Valley Ted 2
Close up of Harvey after he was cleaned.
Chad Valley Ted 3
Harvey after cleaning.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about Chad Valley teddy bears and how to ID them here is a link for you. There is some very good information on this web site about them. I hope you will enjoy it. I also hope you enjoyed meeting Harvey today.



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