Elgar & Eryk

The Bear Formerly Known As Cement Ears Teddy

Sometime before Christmas I went to collect Pedigree Penny for Vanda. Pedigree Penny is a sixteen inch Pedigree Walker doll and she was at the Hobart Doll Hospital for repairs. You can read all about Pedigree Penny on our doll blog if you are interested. You can also read about my adventures while going to collect her. What a day that was. Well I decided I would take a poor old teddy bear I had bought some years ago on eBay.

Now this poor little bear was in a sad and sorry state. He was for sale at $45.00 and every time I browsed through the bears there he was. He looked so sad, lonely and unloved. I used to feel so sorry for him. He was there day after day, week after week and month after month. In the end I couldn’t stand seeing that sad little face any more. I pressed the Buy in now button and bought him. I loved him from the beginning and he became a firm favourite among all my bears. Vanda made him a blue jumper and I placed him with pride among my other bears. He ended up with the unfortunate name of Cement Ears Teddy.

So why did he get such a terrible name? Well this was due to the cement glue someone had used to put his ears back on his head. They had obviously been pulled off of him at some time in his life. His squeaker was no longer working and of course the stitching of his claws and nose was mostly gone. His fur was sparse and dirty. His head no longer turned. I’d pick him up and  wonder if he could ever be fixed up a bit better. I didn’t want to risk doing it myself. If you could see the cement you’d probably agree with me. When I found out about the Hobart Doll Hospital I thought I’d enquire about him and find out if they could help. So the day I went to collect Pedigree Penny I took Cement Ears Teddy with me to see Dr Kitty.

She agreed he was a nice old bear and worth trying to fix but even she was unsure about the cement glue on his ears at first. She would have to look at him a bit more and see what she could do. She said she would give him a new nose and claws while he was there. Here is how he looked on the day that I took him to town.

Last month Dr Kitty phoned me a couple of times to ask me questions about how I wanted her to proceed with Cement Ears Teddy’s recovery. She explained that  a large amount of cement type glue had seeped inside his head. She would remove what she could but putting his ears back on would be fairly major surgery. He would need a fur graft. I agreed to her suggestions and waited for him to be finished. She replaced his broken squeaker and fixed his nose and claws. Here are some photos of how he looks now. I will add that I did not send him to be restored to how he would have looked new. This was for repairs to improve his looks.

Doesn’t he look much happier?
Cement Ears Teddy is now called Elgar
He was given a new toy to bring home.

A few years back I was at the Hobart Doll Show with Vanda. She always goes and I sometimes go if I am not working or have money or both. I always go in the hope I will find a nice teddy to take home or some other treasure. One year I found a teddy I felt very drawn to. I was told he was a Polish teddy bear and he was inexpensive so or course I had to buy him. He was given a spot among the other bears. I marvelled at the wonderful condition he was in. One day I was giving the bears a light clean as my house gets a bit dusty and I have pets. I picked up this bear and realised he was almost the same at CET/Elgar to look at. I thought no wonder you were so attracted to him. I decided they were to be brothers so I gave this other bear the name of Eryk. Elgar and Eryk are Polish names. This is Eryk.

Elgar by the way means Noble Warrior and I think the name is very in tune with the bear formerly known as Cement Ears Teddy. Eryk means Eternal Ruler and I wanted him to have an equally meaningful name to match his brother. Here they are together and this concludes their story.

Eryk and Elgar together

I hope you enjoyed the story of these two bears. Don’t forget to drop into our other sites. 

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