Hospital Teddy/Hector

The Lost Teddy Bear

This is the Story of a little bear dubbed “Hospital Teddy” He got this name because of the homemade repairs he had across his poor little body. I don’t know what brand of bear he is but I can tell you he is fairly old. I got him from an antique shop in Sorell Tasmania not long after I moved over here. I could have had him as long as fifteen years.  I was told this teddy was from the 1930s by the lady in the antique shop. She showed me a note that was attached to the teddy. Since it is part of his history I kept the note in a box in my bedroom for safe keeping. I have scanned it so you can all read it. I’m sorry if it is difficult to read but it has faded a bit over the years. Apparently Teddy was lost by a small child in a fitting room in FitzGerald’s Department Store. I’m not sure which one. He was found by a shop assistant and had this note pinned to him in the vain hope his little owner would one day return for him. I don’t know how long Teddy sat on the counter with the note pinned to him. A lost toy always makes me feel rather sad. I wondered if the little boy or girl cried for their teddy or if they were given a new one. Sadly they never did and Teddy eventually ended up at the antique shop where I found him. He has been in my bear collection ever since.

I am lost
Teddy’s Note “I am lost!”

“Please” “Could the kid that lost me come and get me” Left in fitting room. “I am lost” 

I can’t read all of the note properly either but this is what some of it says. I don’t know if there was more in the bottom corner. It is an odd shaped piece of paper which could have just been a paper scrap.

Here are a few photos of this cute little teddy bear. This little bear is about ten inches tall and has jointed limbs. More recently I have decided to name this teddy Hector.

Teddy is wearing a jumper Vanda made.
Teddy has jointed limbs and is ten inches tall.
Teddy has had some homemade repairs.





  1. Awww, poor little Hector. He looks like he’s been in the wars. So sad that he lost his original owner, but Hector is lucky to have found a new home and an owner who treasures him.


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